The two mansions are situated in Peterhof – one of the most picturesque suburban areas in the northern capital.

The houses are located in a park area which is a local landscape monument – L.I. Kron’s  mansion’s gardens. The gardens are situated on the bank of the canal that feeds The Golden Mountain Fountain and they adjoin the Lower Park of Peterhof.  Peterhof is one of the most beautiful palace complexes in Saint-Petersburg. It is situated on two huge terraces with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Finland. The centerpiece of the whole complex is the Grand Palace which is surrounded by the Upper Gardens and the Lower Park. The main decoration of the parks has become hundreds of different fountains of various forms and design that create this unique atmosphere of the place.

The modern Peterhof has a very good infrastructure and transport connection to the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Due to its historical and cultural significance it has remained unpolluted.

The mansions in former Kron’s  gardens are perfect for housing   private or official quarters , a hotel, an office, an exhibition centre,  a clinic or any cultural or educational institution.

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